Haircut and Moroccan Beauty

📷 Edilson Salazar Lopez

Curious about the meaning of our name? “Sultana” is the Arabic word for a woman of royalty, which is exactly how we aim to treat all of our clients. From our Moroccan Hammam to our hair and nail services, we provide all services for the full royal treatment.. Call us to schedule an appointment fit for a queen


Why do some hairstyles fit some women better than others? It’s all about the face shape. At Sultana our expert stylists have been trained to utilize your natural features including face structure and shape in order to give you the most complimentary haircut possible. You’re in good hands with our staff. Book your appointment today to find what style naturally compliments you.

Cleanliness and beauty has been a long practiced tradition of the Moroccan people and Sultana brings this cherished tradition to Marbella. From pure argan oil to the Moroccan hammam, to henna and black soaps for use and for purchase, Sultana is full of Moroccan beauty essentials designed to take from the best in beauty of this ancient culture.


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