What is exactly La Noche de San Juan?

There are many stories and traditions about this day. Let’s talk about some of them…

In Spain, we celebrate it on the night from 23rd to 24th of June exactly at midnight people are jumping to water within their swimsuits to have good luck for the next year or at least putting their feet into the water. Many people burn Sky Lanterns to help their dreams come true. Another tradition is also to make a bonfire, to warm up during a chilly night, make a barbecue to enjoy food and drinks with friends and family, some people are also jumping over the bonfire, because they believe that the fire provides protection for the next year, some of them writes down on the paper their wishes for the next year and after, they throw it into the fire. All of that is because in history the people wanted to give more strength to the Sun and keeping it longer. As from the 24th of June, the days are getting shorter for the next 6 months.

How we celebrated it in Malaga? You have to check out our gallery! The Ayuntamiento of Malaga this year organized a great concert on the Malagueta beach, where citizens had a chance to enjoy the night with various Dj’s.
Well, it looks great, right? You can not miss this party next year! 

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